Contemplative psychotherapy   expands the traditional psychotherapeutic   approach.  Psychotherapy is comparable to a medical procedure, curing an illness, contemplative psychotherapy complements this process as a preventative practice, which builds better health, and develops strengths to deal with the day-to-day stresses of life.

A practice involves a regular discipline to calm the mind, to make us observers of, not reactive to life events. Practices like meditation, relaxation, prayer, journaling and exercise and diet develop coping strengths. These complement and reinforce analytic psychotherapy.   Adding a contemplative practice to traditional psychotherapy adds strength and vitality to the art of living well and fully.

Dr. Abramsky has practiced meditation and the contemplative arts for over 20 years. He has studied with Mark Epstein M.D., Joan Halifax, Gempo Roshi, Rod Stryker, Joan Blackstone, June Singer PhD, and attended training sessions at Upaya, Shamballa, Kripalu, and the Omega Institute.  Dr. Abramsky is an   MA candidate in Religious Studies with a specialty in the mystical traditions.