Michael Abramsky PhD is a Diplomate in Forensic Psychology. He is one of only several hundred psychologists who have passed national board certification in this technical and complex area.

Currently Dr. Abramsky works in conjunction with a team of other subspecialists to provide consultation in criminal and civil litigation. Services include evaluations for competency andcriminal responsibility, sentencing memorandum in State and Federal cases, and civil damage evaluations in employment and personal injury.

As an expert witness Dr. Abramsky has testified in the “Jenny Jones Murder Case”, the Highland Park Serial killer trial, and the Case of Nathaniel Abraham who was the youngest juvenile to be tried as an adult in the United States.  He has also served as an expert witness for both plaintiffs and defendants in civil cases with a cumulative award value of over 20 million dollars.

In consulting with industry Dr. Abramsky has done evaluations of troubled and violent employees, debriefings for staff after traumatic industrial incidents, and has created and implemented Employment Assistance Programs Dr. Abramsky has accumulated over 150 hours of post-doctoral continuing education credits in this area, and has published extensively in the field of psychology and the law.